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 "Your No-Stress, Step-by-Step Guide to Getting Acceptance Letters"

Learn the secrets most students will never know about college application essays...
Did you know that thousands of college applicants hurt their chances of getting accepted to their dream college each year because they write sub-part admission essays?
Did you know that most of these candidates will send in their essays thinking that they are exactly what admissions want?
But, it's not their fault. 
Part of the problem lies in the fact that there is a lot of confusion about what makes an outstanding college essay. There's a lot of guessing involved or sometimes they're getting advice from (well-meaning), yet uninformed people. 
Once upon a time, as a first year 11th and 12th grade English teacher, I was one of those "uninformed people." I had no idea how to teach college admission essay writing, but I was determined to figure it out. 
Figuring it out wasn't exactly easy. I spent the next 4 years researching admission writing, observing the patterns of the candidates who seemed to "get it," and anaylzing the formulas and strategies behind the "essays that worked."

What I found were that there were recognizable thought patterns and strategies of the applicants who were getting acceptance letters from their #1 choice schools. 


When I taught these strategies, what I discovered shocked me.


To make a long story short, my students made rapid progress by applying simple mind-hacks and strategies, and I took the things I learned from them, tested and refined the ideas and put them together into a system. 


Students using my method have gotten accepted into their top choice schools including ivy leagues and exclusive honors programs. 


Writing a stellar college essay isn't a guarantee that a student will be accepted.


But, I'll tell you one thing: it does make a difference. In fact, according to the National Association forCollege Admission Counseling, 61% of universities rated application essays as "of considerable" or "of moderate" importance to their decision-making process. 


We're in a time when many top universities have a low acceptance rate and applicants have exceptional credentials, so standing out from the crowd can be the difference between getting accepted and being rejected. 

I have now come to believe something that I think is important to share.


College essays are the last piece of the college admissions puzzle, and it's not worth second-guessing an application over a completely controllable component.  


This is a time for your teen to tell admissions her story, so have her learn to tell it well. 


Can't My Teen Just Do This On Her Own? 


Do you know what Olympic athletes all have in common?  They all have a coach.
Why is this? Why do the people considered the best in the world need coaching?
Coaches help you see your blind spots.
If you've ever had a teacher who showed you a new way to do a math problem, a creative way to remember or formula, or a different lens under which to consider a novel, you may have had an "aha moment" where you finally "got it."
The College Essay Course is built on giving your teen these "aha moments" by providing her with a virtual essay coach.
If your teen is like many high school seniors applying to college, she may have already taken steps to learn how to write her college essays. At best, she has a teacher who is taking class time to guide her. At worst, she's doing this alone by piecing together information from online sources or "winging-it."
Unfortunately, even the smartest teachers, the best tutors, and the greatest English students often don’t know the intricate details of what makes an outstanding admission essay, and wading through the online muck of misinformation can make you and your teen feel frustrated and overwhelmed. Most of the blogs and advice online is so generalized that it's a waste of time, and sending in sub-par applications is a waste of money.
Your teen can absolutely do this on her own; many students do. But, even the best at what they do need coaching every once in a while.



Why Should I Believe That You Can Help My Teen?


As you already know, there is quite a lot of information online about college admission essay writing. Along with that, there's a lot of misinformation, overgeneralizations, and well-meaning, yet awful advice. 


Fortunately for you, I've spent 5 years sorting through that mess to discover what works for students and what doesn't. I spent years from a teacher's perspective and as part of a college guidance team to get the full-view of what works. My researched methodology was recently published on, a site that registers over 700,000 students a year for college fairs. 


I've created a system that works so your teen doesn't have to waste all that extra time and energy figuring it out on her own.  



What Can I Expect?


Should an applicant discuss her accomplishments in her essay? What about her failures? Are there topics she should avoid? What patterns make an essay stand out? How do you keep your reader engaged from start to finish? What should she look for when she revises her essays? Don't know?

I'm here to change that.
In this course, I will share the insider's secrets of what makes an outstanding essay. Your teen will learn to tell her story powerfully.
This course is perfect for students who:
-want to be more competitive college applicants.
-want "one place" to go to get the information they need.
-would like to learn easy formulas from model "essays that worked."
-could benefit from learning how to have and maintain positive and focused mindsets.
-already have an essay written and want to "check it."
-feel overwhelmed by the entire application process.
-don't have an idea for their essay or have too many ideas and can't decide on one.
-want to learn how to write essays to win scholarship money.
-already have support through school but want more guidance.
-want to get a head start on their applications.
-need a quick way to learn to write their essays because they're applying last minute.
How it works:
This course is a concise, 6-module, online video series that uses a topic-by-topic approach to applicants to write outstanding college application and scholarship essays. The videos average 20 minutes each and can be viewed on a computer or on a cell phone. This course reviews the most effective information and strategies for success.
I'm still not sure...


It’s okay if your teen doesn't know where to begin. It's okay if your teen has tried to do this on her own and it didn’t work. It’s okay that she has thrown out as many drafts as she started. It’s okay that she's been staring at a blank page for an hour with you in the background asking her if she's finished her college essay yet...or worse, you've been bickering over telling her what to write or how to write it.
I’ve seen this happen to the best and the brightest. Your teen simply hasn't learned to write for this audience and in this style before.
It's that simple.
This course will solve all that for you.
Let’s start over. Let’s start new!
Maybe the reason you haven’t signed up for this course yet is because you don’t think your teen will put the time in to go through it or you think your teen is someone who starts programs and doesn’t finish them.
We've all been there before!
That’s why a key component of this course is spending some time in the beginning to teach your teen some useful strategies to get in the right mindset and workmode  to keep her fully engaged, to prevent procrastination, to learn some strategies she can use at school and in her personal life to be more effective at everything she does,  and to take some time to have her actually enjoy the process.
I don't want you to believe my course is a game-changer. I want to PROVE IT by showing you. Click here for a sample video from the course, and if it's what you've been looking for, then sign up for my e-mail list to get access to my free mini-course where I unlock some of my best content for your teen to try it. 
If this sounds perfect, and you're ready to invest in your teen's future...
What if my teen needs more individualized help? 
I privately coach students who are applying to competitive universities.
My strategy sessions are personalized to help your teen uncover the perfect topic and to develop essays that portray her in the best possible light to admissions teams. 

Questions? E-mail: or call 516-507-4809.
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Course Overview

  • Module 1
    The Difference That Makes The Difference

    Runtime - 1 video lesson 
  • Module 2
    The Basics and Your Timeline

    Runtime - 2 video lessons
  • Module 3
    Tech Tools and Types of Essays 

    Runtime - 2 video lessons
  • Module 4
    Brainstorming and Topics to Avoid

    Runtime - 2 video lessons
  • Module 5
    Formulas and Drafting an Outstanding Essay

    Runtime - 2 video lessons
  • Module 6
    Revising and Editing for Quality

    Runtime - 3 video lessons
Writing my college essays was probably the thing with which I struggled the most through my high school experience. I kept on changing my topic and being a math-science person, I had a lot of trouble getting my thoughts on paper.  
When Ms. Corley started helping the essay process suddenly became significantly easier. With her assistance, I found the perfect topic, which was very easy for me to write about and express myself with. She helped me revise and improve my drafts and helped me understand how to make yourself sound impressive without coming off as arrogant.  I learned the cliche things to avoid in essays and how to make my personal essay stick out from a pile of hundreds if not thousands of essays sitting on an admission counsellor's desk.
I just officially enrolled at Columbia University, the school that was sitting on top of my list of potential options. I know that without her help, my chances of getting into a top university like Columbia would have been significantly lower, and I probably would be writing this testimonial enrolled at a university that wasn't my top option. 
Thank you, Ms. Corley, for helping me improve my writing abilities and assisting me in getting to attend my dream college that will give me the education I want and need to be very successful for many years to come.  
Matthew R.
Columbia University Class of 2020
I had the unique opportunity to work with Ms. Jaclyn Corley on crafting my college admissions essay, undoubtably one of the most important documents I have had to write in my life. Ms. Corley helped me analyze the questions being posed and think critically to come up with a game plan for responding to the question. 

By taking a holistic approach to the essay writing process, Ms. Corley guided me in the right direction while allowing me to steer the ship. The result was incredible, and I write this recommendation from my dorm room at the college of my choice. I would recommend working with The College Essay Captain if you are looking for someone who will help you push your boundaries and reach your goals.


Max K.

Drexel University Class of 2018



I've wanted to get into a certain honors program in the CUNY college system since I entered high school and heard of its prestige and all the bonuses it offers. The only problem: it's incredibly difficult to get into, and I was fighting with many scholars in my grade for a seat in the program. While our ACT scores were the same, those I was up against had higher grades  and took an extra AP course, so they had the advantage over me.

The only thing that made the difference between me getting the seat was my college essays. Ms. Corley worked with me relentlessly to help me get my two essays done until they were absolutely perfect. Now I'm in the college program of my dreams.

Yasmine B.

Macaulay Honors at City College Class of 2018      






More about Jaclyn Corley,
Founder of The College Essay Captain

My goal is to empower teens to tell their stories powerfully and confidently. I believe that students who mindfully approach the college application process make better decisions for their futures. 


My name is Jaclyn Corley.  I hold an Honors BA from Binghamton University and an MST from Fordham University in NYC. I won the "Alfred Bendixen Prize" for my writing in 2010. ​I am a certified English teacher and hypnotherapist, and I taught 12th grade for  four years. 



After privately tutoring my students to assist them with college essays produced incredible results, my school advanced its programming to create a role for me as College Essay Advisor in our College Guidance Department. 



In this role, ​I invested my time towards learning the ins-and-outs of college essays through calculated research and through personal conversations with college admission directors. I worked closely with our College Guidance Department’s counselors to focus on getting the strongest essays from our students. I ran workshops and taught classes on effectively writing to colleges for both faculty members and students and at colleges.



I founded The College Essay Captain in 2015 to be the go-to resource for the writing components of college applications.  I realized that I am passionate about teaching, and I wanted to be able to reach more students. 


Aside from my professional life, I've found joy from constantly developing myself as a person and pushing myself out of my comfort zone: from learning to kitesurf, kickbox, and rock climb to leaving the security of my teaching job in pursuit of entrepreneurial success across the country. I believe I have a calling to help as many people as I can in as many ways I can, and I realized that in order to do this, I need to lead by example.



Thank you for allowing me to my dreams, and with gratitude, I hope I can position and inspire your teen to go after hers.



Follow The College Essay Captain on Facebook, Twitter (@essaycaptain), and


Instagram (@thecollegeessaycaptain) for inspiring tips!




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